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Roboforex tries to buy us?

Prezadores Traders! A RoboForex está desesperadamente tentando apagar todos os nossos blogs e sites. Recebemos ameaças diariamente principalmente que partem do sr. Eugene Antokhov e Vitaly Avtaykin, cabeças desse bando.Gente vamos deter essa máquina de fraude! Acessem www.anti-roboforex.com
This new article in our blog is devoted not to the criminal activities of Roboforex group companies! Now we will write about their quirky and corrupted mind, to be precise, about the attempt of “a certain manager” to bribe activists of Anti-Roboforex movement.
Last week, more precisely on Friday night 11/14/2014, we received a letter to our official e-mail: anti.robo.com@gmail.com. This letter has a proposal to terminate the activities of the website www.anti-roboforex.com in exchange for the payment of $ 30,000 US Dollars. The text of the letter is in Russian and published as a screenshot below.
The most interesting — who actually this mysterious “manager” is? Maybe it is Vitayly Avtaykin, one of the owners and the CEO of Roboforex (we doubt that ordinary employee was allowed to know such intimate aspects of the Roboforex business and to write such a letter)? And what they planned to achieve with this letter? And in general, was this letter sanctioned by all owners of Roboforex? Or did the sharp split start in their ranks and now each of them tries to solve the thorny issue alone?
Anyway, this step is quite unexpected and perhaps, dear Roboforex owners, you wanted to corrupt our team. However, your attempt failed! Thanks, of course, for such an interesting offer, but we have created this blog not to make money, but to assist the victims of your “white” robbery schemes. And, accordingly, after short considerations, we decided to publish your message in our blog and to write an article about this.
Also, al traders must pay attention to the fact that currently Roboforex is preparing the next steps (special thanks to our source inside the company):
  1. In the nearest future Roboforex will start creating of positive reviews about the company on the forums for traders. These reviews usually are posted by hired posters or as they are called in the Internet community “trolls.” The main objective of the troll — to do everything to stop discussing of the “uncomfortable” for the Roboforex question and to push it as far as possible in the archives of the forum, because everyone reads usually only the last page, and does not dig in messages on the 3–5 pages before the last one. Also troll promptly writes a lot of positive reviews and tries to put them on the top of each negative review if there are some.
  2. In addition, the owners of the company already allocated budgets for the purchase of positive reviews from a very “respectable” members of the forum. To buy support of people who created their forum accounts more than a year ago and have a large number of comments on various topics (at least 1000). Such reviews of old and trusted forum members should have effect on ordinary forum members, who will believe the reviews of such honorable people.
  3. However, the owners of Roboforex decided also to allocate a budget to bribe administrators of some forums to control that messages of their trolls will remain, and criticism or uncomfortable questions simply will be cut or edited!
  4. Due to the poor financial conditions, as well as a sharp outflow of customers from the company (read our previous articles) Roboforex is hardly able to meet its financial obligations to all clients! To mitigate the financial crisis in the company and maintain its solvency RoboForex started to prepare a series of “Marry Christmas” and “Happy New Year” promo actions to raise fresh deposits from traders. We hope for prudence of all traders and that Roboforex will not be able to collect trader’s money and to deceive them later with this trick!
P.S. from the author of this article: we are grateful to all the people who responded to our request for help. We hope that soon everything will be resolved and we can officially publish additional materials documenting fraud of Roboforex!
For those traders, who last week appealed to us for help, we also declare that all the data you provide us gathered in a report and sent to the appropriate authorities. Unfortunately, these issues are hard to process as fast as we would like, but still we will bring it to the end!
We declare to all owners and managers of Roboforex that you can neither buy us, nor blackmail us!
In our times not everything can be bought or sold! In the nearest future, we will publish new interesting materials about fraudulent activities of Roboforex! Follow our blog!
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